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silly silly little comic

Ladies, gentlemen, and other gentlepeople: my girlfriend’s ‘silly little comic’

Oh my fucking gods this is perfect

This makes me smile 

dragon came from water not fire
woman rebelled to save other woman
other woman didn’t need saving and could hold her own
dragon wasn’t killed
political scams
interracial lesbian relationship
there is not one thing about this I don’t like. 10/10 fuck yeah

I just realized that she said she’s studying alternative cures for magical stasis. Magical stasis as in sleeping curses. She is researching how to rescue sleeping princesses without needing a bullshit True Love’s kiss because she knows how shitty it is to sit around waiting for some hero to rescue her.

Perfect comic is perfect

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Ezra Miller is not the first LGBTQ actor to be cast in a major superhero franchise. Alan Cumming and Anna Paquin are both bisexual and were in the XMen franchise as Nightcrawler and Rogue. 

Update: AND Ian McKellen AND Ellen Page. So clearly the XMen franchise is not very straight.

well the mutants were originally envisioned as a metaphor for the struggles and lack of understanding towards people under the LGBTQ umbrella

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Mass effect is great if you’re secure enough in your sexuality to recognize you’re attracted to space crickets, space salamanders, space frogs, and literally everything in between.

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Sound familiar?

[Doctor Who Series 1, Aliens of London]
[Doctor Who Series 8, Kill the Moon]

Now you’ve got me thinking about this parallel.  The lines are similar, but the context isn’t the same at all.

Nine does in fact end up interfering. He’s lying to Rose when he says he’s just going to “have a wander” (which is rather dodgy, but he does own up to it later, though he doesn’t exactly apologize).  He’s  actually going to scope out the alien, because things are starting to sound fishy to him.

It’s hard to say whether, if he found out that the alien was friendly and the crash was just an accident, he would have stepped back and let humanity handle the first contact on their own. He certainly has a strong urge to protect the earth; he was doing so when he and Rose first met.

Interestingly, when he finds out that the space pig is a fake, he goes back to the Powell Estate and invites Rose to come with him.  He’s come to rely on her a lot already, hasn’t he?  Her help, and Mickey’s and Jackie’s, prove to be invaluable.

Twelve, on the other hand, is actually stepping back and (literally) leaving  Clara, Lundvik and Courtney to take care of a potentially catastrophic situation.  The way he does it strikes me as pretty passive-aggressive. It’s not like he’s trusting them to guard one flank while he guards the other; as far as we know, he’s just cooling his heals and waiting to see if Clara makes what he considers the “right” decision.  (Don’t get me started on what the underlying moral of this episode is supposed to be.) He doesn’t even give her as much information as he could before swanning off.

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You can literally just smell the Reddit on some boys

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1987- Sketch of Bigfoot seen by informant in the Mountains of Southern California. (source)

1987- Sketch of Bigfoot seen by informant in the Mountains of Southern California. (source)

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It’s about a girl who gets turned into a swan and she needs love to break the spell, but her prince falls for the wrong girl so she kills herself.
Black Swan (via juliimaedchen)
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Sometimes I imagine Zelda/sheik visiting Link while he’s sleeping during the 7 years in OoT. And she just talks to him about everything she’s overwhelmed by and how she misses him and whatnot because he’s her only/best friend (aside from Impa)
Oh n OO

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I support Farming.

In fact, you could call me


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